The founder of Sinthumule chiefdom was Sinthumule Ramabulana. He was the son of King Makhado Ramabulana, the younger brother of Tshilamulela Ramabulana (Mphephu), and the older brother of Kutama Ramabulana.

When King Makhado died of suspected poisoning in September 1895, his sons who were eligible for the crown were Tshilamulela, Maemu (Malise), Sinthumule and Kutama.

Tshilamulela, the eldest son, was working at the diamond mines in Kimberley at the time of King Makhado’s death. Sinthumule was in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Sinthumule came back and was dismayed that Maemu had been crowned the new king of Ha-Ramabulana. Sinthumule sent messengers to Kimberley to notify Tshilamulela that King Makhado had passed on and that Maemu was the new king. Sinthumule and Tshilamulela plotted to remove Maemu from the throne. .

Tshilamulela came back from Kimberley and had a secret rendezvous with Sinthumule at Luvhivhini village (Maebani), Ha-Kutama. They later attacked Maemu and removed him from Songozwi. Tshilamulela was crowned the new king of Ha-Ramabulana and was given the title of Mphephu. Maemu was resettled at a place known today as Ha-Maemu and paid tribute to King Mphephu.

Sinthumule became the Prime Minister during King Mphephu’s reign. Sinthumule was given the land of Tshifhefhe.

The Boers, who were defeated by King Makhado, regrouped and prepared to attack King Mphephu in October 1898. They infiltrated the Ramabulana Royal House and influenced Sinthumule, the Prime Minister, to turn against his brother, King Mphephu. Finally, a war broke out between Mphephu’s group known as Mavhengwa and Sinthumule’s group known as Ngomakhosi.

Sinthumule sought help from the Boers who were happy to oblige as they perceived Mphephu as a scourge. In 1898 the Boers finally conquered and subjugated the Vhavenda.

The Boers took over LuaŃame as Mphephu fled to Zimbabwe. A town was established on 22 February 1899 at Tshirululuni, and Tshirululuni was renamed louis trichardt. Sinthumule was crowned the King of Ha-Ramabulana by the Boers, but his rule was not recognised by Vhavenda. They awaited the return of King Mphephu.

The Boers could not, however, establish a permanent presence in Songozwi since they had to engage in a bloody war with the English in the South African war (the Anglo-Boer war) which broke out in 1899. Vhavenda of Ha-Ramabulana sided with the English and burnt the town of louis trichardt. The Boers were defeated in the South African war and surrendered in 1902.

The English army commander, Taylor, brought Mphephu back to the Ramabulana Royal Palace, LuaŃame, in Songozwi in 1902. Sinthumule was removed from the throne and had to reconcile with Mphephu.

Ha-Sinthumule is made of the following villages:

  • Tshiozwi (Musanda)
  • Madombidzha;
  • Ha-Magau;
  • Ha-Rathidili;
  • Gogobole;
  • Ha-Ramantsha;
  • Ha-Ravele;
  • Madabani; and
  • Muraleni.